Learn German

Learn German is a free application that allows you to learn German quickly and efficiently.

-Practice reading, speaking, listening and writing.
The application also offers the opportunity to listen to the sentence aloud from German speakers.
Learn words from all the basic categories you need to communicate freely in whatever situation you are in.

-Alphabet, numbers, days, months, seasons …
Learn the words of the German alphabet and how to write numbers in German, such as days of the week, months, seasons …

-Different phrases and conversations
The application includes daily greetings, communication with family members at home, questions about food in the kitchen and how to express the feelings of your loved ones.
Communicate freely with co-workers or the boss.
Gain the ability to communicate with classmates and teachers at school and how to ask questions about lectures.
If you travel, you will learn to ask about the directions and places you want to visit. You can also find restaurant and hotel tips, how to order food or book a hotel room and make payments.
You will learn how to seek medical help when you go to the hospital.
Expressions about sports, shopping in the store and much more.

You will be able to use nouns, adjectives, adverbs, past tenses and many other grammatical rules in the sentence, from the various examples provided by the application.

-Practice reading
Various stories that you can listen to aloud from German speakers, the full story or each sentence in turn and then practice reading.

-Photo illustrations
One of the most effective ways to remember your words is to learn them from pictures. The application gives you this opportunity to find words illustrated with pictures.

Test your knowledge of the different types of tests offered by the app, such as: connecting words that have the same meaning, finding the correct answer in the picture, translating the word or sentence, listening to the sentence and then writing it, pronouncing the sentence that appears, and more.

-Challenge friends
Create a challenge and send the ID to your friend who will find you and contact you. As part of the challenges, create tests with questions and answers and challenge each other or communicate in groups.

-Some of the categories you can find in the application are:
– Alphabet,
– Grammar,
– Numbers,
– Daily words and sentences,
– Days of the week, months, seasons,
– At home,
– At work,
– Travelling,
– In restaurant,
– Hospital,
– In the store,
– About sports,
– Expressing feelings,
– Various conversations and more.